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Ours games nights are every Thursday at 19:00 (7pm), 

please join us for Eucre, Darts and Dominoes

Invitation to Participate

In October 2019, the Okotoks Legion, in conjunction with the Town of Okotoks and support from our Highwood MLA, RJ Sigurdson and local businesses, has launched a Memorial Banner Remembrance Project to honour local WW1, WW2, Korean and more recent conflicts, and veterans who served honourably during other periods, plus veterans who might not be from Okotoks, but whose Okotoks families would like to recognize their service to Canada and/or the Commonwealth.

Many towns in Canada including; Invermere, BC, High River, Alberta, and Hampton, New Brunswick have been honouring their veterans by placing memorial banners on the town light posts during the season of Remembrance.  

The banners would be installed on Okotoks light posts on Veterans Way and possibly McAlpine Crossing, this first year during the October/November Remembrance period.  They would be stored and re-installed each year for the Remembrance Period.

A sample of a Banner is below, ours would have the Okotoks logo, the Legion Logo and either the Union Jack of the Canadian Maple Leaf or both.  The banners will be of heavy vinyl approximately 24 inches by 64 inches, (61cm by 162.5cm), and would have a life expectancy of about 20 years if they are only displayed for a month a year. 

The cost is estimated at approximately;

$150-180 per banner if the same picture and design is on both sides,
$100 if only one side is wanted, and
$200 if a sponsoring family would like different veterans displayed on the two sides of the banner.   

Payment will be by e-transfer to Malcolm Hughes at, or by cheque made out to Okotoks Legion or cash to Malcolm Hughes or to Bob McLeod.
The information needed would be:
The picture you wish displayed – jpeg is fine, and pdf works,
The veteran’s name,
The service or regiment with which the veteran served,
The war, campaign, and/or years of service – you would like to display,
 The flag(s) to be displayed- Canadian Maple Leaf, the Union Jack or both
The name of the person or family honouring the Veteran

If you are interested in recognizing a veteran in your family or if you know someone who would like to recognize a veteran in this way, please contact the Okotoks Legion at  If you have questions, please call Bob McLeod, (403-603-8842) or Malcolm Hughes (587-757-9550).

Orders will close on 11 October to ensure the Banners are completed for installation before the end of October.

Okotoks Memorial Banner Remembrance Project Oct 2019

Todd Martin rides again for Wounded Warriors

It was reported recently that Todd Martin will be riding again in aid of Wounded Warriors.  Please click here to read the story.

Our President Bob McLeod presented  Shelagh Cox, the Veteran Program Coordinator for the MFRC with a cheque for $10,000. The money will be used in a partnership between the MFRC and our local OSISS Peer Support Worker Michelle Turner to provide a Peer Resiliency Weekend for the spouses and partners of CAF members who are suffering from an Operational Stress Injury such as PTSD. The weekend will focus on workshops and coping strategies for those who care for ill and injured members – the theme will be care for the caregiver since we know that strengthening the support system for members who suffer from OSI is crucial to their successful treatment and ultimate recovery.

From Mandie

Today (April 18th, 2019) I had the pleasure of talking to Todd Martin, an Okotoks Legion member and resident of Okotoks, who is taking part in the Wounded Warriors Ride to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.  He will cycle almost 700km from Dieppe (France) arriving at Juno Beach on June 6 as part of a team of almost 150 Canadians.  

From the Wounded Warriors Website:

BBR19 will begin on the Beaches of Dieppe where our group will pause and reflect at the fate of the Canadians during the misnamed Operation Jubilee. Highlighted on our journey will be stops in places that played a pivotal role in World War 2, places forever etched in the annals of time and places that set the stage for the events of D-Day 1944. Before travelling west along the coast and slightly inland we will reflect on the strategic significance of the historic cities and towns in the region.

Passing Rouen, we will visit the significant seaport of La Havre, which was liberated in part by the 1st Canadian Army. As we near Juno we will visit the Pegasus Bridge in Ranville and stop for a commemorative service at the Pegasus Pub – the first home liberated in occupied France in the early hours of June 6. Ceremonial stops will also be held at the Bény-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery and the l’Abbaye d’Ardennes where we will pay special homage to the memorial of the eighteen Canadian soldiers were murdered in the garden while being held as prisoners of war. Our BBR19 journey will end at Juno Beach alongside all of the activities set to take place to mark the historic day.

Todd is a very active member of our local community and we are very proud to have him as a member of our Branch.  He has raised a significant amount of money that was donated to the Okotoks Food Bank. Todd founded "ReCycle Okotoks" a project in which he mends and donated bicycles to local children.

The Okotoks Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion #291, was given its charter in December 2014.  This opened the door to the Town of Okotoks veterans having a specific place to go and be with their comrades in an atmosphere of military camaraderie.  Currently we are the guests of the Elks hall on Elizabeth Street, but are hoping to have a permanent home very soon.

Welcome to the Okotoks Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion # 291

To Support our veterans, young and old!


Brad Meynes and Steve Wicks collecting for the Veterans Food Bank in Okotoks Walmart,  great job guys!

Legion Dinner - January 25th 2020

Happy New Year to you all.
We have confirmed the dinner that we had previously scheduled is to be held on Saturday, January 25th, 2020.
As we also announced earlier, the cost of the meal will be $17.50 per person.
Service will start at 19:00 hrs.
Chef Mike has offered the following menu for us and we believe that the cost is more than reasonable

Slow roasted beef carved with gravy and horseradish;  
Caesar salad, garden  salad ;
Fresh vegetables; 
Oven roast baby and mashed potatoes;
Apple crisp for dessert.

It really helps if you register with me on my personal e-mail address:
Please register your intention to attend by Saturday next, January 18th. Chef needs numbers so that he can do the buying etc.
While i can look after the preparations leading up to the 25th., at this time it is reasonable to assume that i will not be able to help on the day so my thanks to Comrade Clements who will be the person working and making "on the ground" arrangements for this event.
In comradeship

Check out the Social Events page for the full list of dates!

Chili Fest - 2018


This is an important message to our members.   If you have not renewed your membership yet and wish to do so please contact Bev Lee at 

Membership fees are $60 per person and this is payable now.  If you would like to e-transfer please contact Bev or Malcolm Hughes and they will gladly make those arrangements.

It is important to note that after some criticism that we don't have enough social events,  we are hoping to improve the amount of social events in the next few months, Part of our problem is the lack of a permanent venue and volunteers.  These events take much planning and we need as many volunteers as possible so that the responsibilities don't fall on the same people all the time.  Without the volunteers we can't put on the events so please step up and offer some time, any time, to make our wonderful Legion a success.  If you would like to attend the games nights but don't want to play the games offered, please suggest new games and or bring a game to play, we are flexible so lets have fun.   You have a highly committed team so please support us.

We are really focused on making Okotoks Legion #291 the best Legion around.  This takes lots of time and the support of our veterans and members.

Thank you

Colour Party at the 'dawgs'

Click here for Madison House video.

The link to the pictures of our 2018 Poster and Literary Competition winners is below !

Well Done to all who took part, the quality of your work was amazing!

Thank you for remembering!


Okotoks Legion Branch # 291

Branch Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm.

Our next Branch Meeting is on
February 11th, 2020 at 19:00 (7pm) at the Elks Hall.  This is also our awards evening where presentations will be made to local Students who took part in our Poster and Literary Competitions.

Okotoks Show and Shine

On September the 11th we presented a cheque for $15,000 from Poppy funds to Andrea Mitchell of the Sheep River Trust. This money goes towards Urgent Care Renovations.

Okotoks Rodeo - 2018